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Hey geeks,


my Name is Marcel Otto and I started my professional Career in the year 2005 when I was 22 years old.

Beginning with User helpdesk for windows and Macintosh Clients in a media agency, I realized, that I need more of that good stuff :) and began to expand the IT environment with some most common Windows Server Technologies and also administrate a lot of Webapps for different customers. Webserver Cluster, SQL Server and Loadbalancer, Deployments was most part of my daily routine.

But something was missing…

Looking for the next challenge, I made my first experiences with Server-, Client- and application virtualization with XenDesktop and XenApp build on a vsphere in medium-scale enterprises.

What should I say…

Virtualization technologies are indispensable and they fascinated me more than any other technology I worked with before.

Slowly recognizing, I`m one of that persons who love to do his Job and raise up enterprise environments, I decided to change from an administrator to an IT Consultant, where I made my first experiences, working as a freelancer in consulting business.

Currently I`m working as an IT Consultant in Cologne at Germanys best nominated employersepago GmbH.

Inspired from my new professional pleasure, I would like to share my knowledge and experiences and I hope you all enjoy reading my blog.

Have a good one



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