Citrix License Server Powershell Deployment

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Hey Geeks,

automating the Installation from Citrix License Server in Version 11.12.1 in SCCM 2012 R2…

really, driving my Nuts!!!

I use to write a simple powershell Script, that I deploy as Application.


So everything works fine with the Installation when I´m logged in on the target System and I started the powershell script.

License Server was installed and I´m able to log in. So my Script works fine.


So now the Problem:

If I deploy the script over SCCM as Application, the License Server was installed correctly, but I´m not able to log in.

Neither my Domain admin nor Standard admin/admin is able to Login.

All other Applications works fine.

Also my script works correctly when I´m logged in on the target System.


So I try the following for Troubleshooting:

-Deploy as “X86” Application over SCCM

-Runas in powershell script

-I also try invoke and psremoting


Citrix known Installation issues for License Server 11.12.1 has the following Information for deploying License Server over powershell:

Set the Environment Variable “Force_No_Service=1” on the target Systems.


Using psexec with System rights is the solution.


.\PsExec.exe -accepteula -i -s msiexec.exe /i ‘C:\Program Files\In2ITve\Infrastructure\Citrix\XenDesktop_7.1\CTX_License_Server_11.11.1\CTX_Licensing.msi’/quiet /l* c:\CTXLicense.txt




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